TDI Announces Temporary License Update

Jun 17, 2020 | eNews

The Texas Department of Insurance has announced the temporary license process to resume normal operations beginning August 15, 2020. Individuals applying for a temporary license need to submit fingerprints and $150 fee with their application. If a temporary license was issued earlier than August 15, the deadline to receive a regular license will fall on November 13, 2020. Additionally, once a temporary license has been received on or after August 15, 2020, agents have 90 days to obtain a regular license. When the temporary license has expired, agents will no longer have the ability to act under the authority of a license.

Due to COVID-19, TDI will continue to waive certain requirements when receiving a temporary license:

  • Agents may take approved “classroom equivalent” courses and classes in order to reach the required 10 hours of classroom training. Previously, agents would have access to training in a classroom setting.
  • Mandatory licensing examination for temporary licenses has been waived. Previously, at least 70% of any organization’s applicants, during any two consecutive quarters, must take the required licensing exam.