Billing Invoice FAQs

Q. How do I reconcile my record of policies filed with what SLTX has actually processed?

A. At the end of each month, SLTX generates a broker/policy detail activity report for each broker who has submitted business during the month. This report includes all policies and items filed during this time period.

Q. How do I pay stamping fees on policies submitted to SLTX?

A. Invoices are processed at the end of each month based on all transactions that have been submitted and processed by the month-end close date. Brokers should pay the full amount due, as indicated on the invoice. Invoices are mailed to brokers who file by mail during the first week of the following month. Brokers who file electronically are responsible for obtaining their reports online.

Q. How do I obtain my monthly report through the Online Filing System?

A. Monthly detail reports and invoices are available by 8:00 a.m. CST on the 1st of the following month. Reports are available under Reporting > Listings > EOM/EOY Reports. For further assistance, please contact Tech Support.

Q. My invoice shows a nominal account balance. Should I send a check for such a negligible amount?

A. It is not necessary to remit payment for stamping fees until the account balance reaches a minimum of $15.00. However, at the end of each year, all stamping fees must be paid in full.

Q. Can I pay stamping fees in advance? That is, before monthly invoices are processed?

A. No. The amount of stamping fees due is not posted to your account until preparation of invoices at month-end. SLTX cannot post a payment to your account unless there is an amount due.

Q. I sent a policy to SLTX by mistake and it was processed. Can I deduct from my invoice the amount of stamping fee due on this policy?

A. No. Once the policy has been processed and an invoice has been issued, a reversal is required to correct an error. Once the reversal is received and processed, a credit will be reflected on that month’s invoice.

Q. Do I need to send a copy of the invoice with my check for stamping fees?

A. To ensure the appropriate credit to your account, you should send either a copy of the invoice with the check or include your broker license number on the check.

Q. Does SLTX accept EFT or credit card payments? Can I pay my stamping fee payment online?

A. Not at this time. SLTX only accepts payment in the form of a check.

For more information on invoices or billing, please contact the SLTX Accounting Team.