Board of Directors

The SLTX Board of Directors consists of 9 members who are appointed by the Texas Commissioner of Insurance. Each year, two industry members and one public member are appointed, and all directors serve a 3-year term, unless an approval is granted otherwise by the Commissioner to complete an unexpired term.

The Board of Directors provides fiduciary oversight of the organization and guides SLTX toward a sustainable future. Board Members contribute years of experience in the industry and insurance marketplace.

The Board Chairman annually appoints Directors to Board Committees, including:

  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Executive Compensation Committee
  • Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors holds regular meetings, which are open to the public.

The Board has adopted the following policies:
Antitrust Policy

2020 Board Members:

Rosemarie Marshall

SLTX Board Chairwoman
Executive Vice President
AmWINS Group

Penni Nelson *

SLTX Board Vice Chair
Director, Risk Management
Hillwood Development Group, L.P.

Teri Brinson

SLTX Board Secretary
Executive Vice President
LP Risk Inc.

Lorrie Cheshier

Senior Vice President
McClelland & Hine Inc.

Charles Gillenwater *

Risk Manager
City of Mesquite

Peter Harrison *

Risk Professional
Department of Homeland Security

Kori Johanson

Chief Compliance Officer
Associate General Counsel IFG Companies

Leslie Milvo *

Risk Manager
City of Austin

Randy Myers

Senior Property Facultative Underwriter
AXA XL/XL Reinsurance

* Public member

Paul Rainey

TSLA Liaison
RSI International, Inc.