File Upload Portal

ATTN: Online Filers

In compliance with new rule changes, SLTX must now capture policy limits on policies effective on or after 12/30/2018. You must provide the highest aggregate limit. To expedite the collection of this data, SLTX has created an updated Excel template which will be utilized to transmit the data. The file name must include the SURPLUS LINES TDI License Number. Alternatively, you may submit a declarations page with any supplemental pages as a PDF to comply. The two submission methods available are as follows:

1) Excel Template (preferred)

2) PDF Declarations and relevant supplemental pages (PDF)

Multiple documents may be submitted as a zip file through the form below. The max file size limit is 25 MB.

If you do not know your SURPLUS LINES TDI License Number, you may look it up on TDI’s Agent Lookup.

*Acceptable file types: PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, ZIP

*If you are submitting more than one file, please zip or archive them into a single file to submit.