Recent Changes

InsurerPreviousChange TypeEffective DateNotes
Mapfre Global Risks, Compania Internacional de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.Ineligible01/01/2019
QBE UK LimitedQBE Insurance (Europe) LimitedName Change01/01/2019
HDI Global Specialty SEInternational Insurance Company of Hannover SEName Change01/01/2019
CNA Insurance Company (Europe) S.A.Eligible01/01/2019Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1947Eligible01/01/2019Alien Insurer
Mapfre Espana, Compania de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.Eligible01/01/2019Alien Insurer
Markel Insurance S.E.Eligible01/01/2019Alien Insurer
SI Insurance (Europe) S.A.Eligible01/01/2019Alien Insurer
Chubb European Group SEDomicile01/01/2019Re-domesticated from United Kingdom to France
Ascot Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible02/20/2019Foreign Insurer
Houston Casualty CompanyEligible02/01/2019Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer
Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SEDomicile03/01/2019Re-domesticated from United Kingdom to Luxembourg
Arch Insurance (UK) LimitedArch Insurance Company (Europe) LimitedName Change03/18/2019
Renaissancere Specialty U.S. LTDEligible04/01/2019Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1219Ineligible04/01/2019
Tokio Marine GRV Re, IncHCC Specialty Insurance CompanyName Change05/06/2019
Mobilitas Insurance CompanyEligible06/12/2019Foreign Insurer
MSIG Specialty Insurance USA IncAioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of AmericaName Change01/01/2019
InsurerPreviousChange TypeEffective DateNotes
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1975Eligible01/01/2018Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 3268Eligible01/01/2018Alien Insurer
Starr Surplus Lines Insurance CompanyDomicile01/01/2018Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer: Re-domesticated from New York to Texas
Brookwood Insurance CompanyEligible01/10/2018Foreign Insurer
Blackboard Specialty Insurance CompanyHamilton Specialty Insurance CompanyName Change02/14/2018
Cypress Insurance CompanyIneligible02/26/2018
NORCAL Specialty Insurance CompanyDomicile04/25/2018Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer: Re-domesticated from Pennsylvania to Texas
Trisura Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible04/24/2018Foreign Insurer
Vault E&S Insurance CompanyEligible04/09/2018Foreign Insurer
XL Catlin Insurance Company UK LimitedCatlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd.Name Change05/31/2018
Third Coast Insurance CompanyEligible07/13/2018Foreign Insurer
Falls Lake Fire and Casualty CompanyEligible07/12/2018Foreign Insurer
Crystal Ridge Specialty Insurance Company, Inc.Eligible06/05/2018Foreign Insurer
Mercer Insurance CompanyEligible06/05/2018Foreign Insurer
Reliamax Surety CompanyIneligible07/13/2018
Sunderland Marine Insurance Company LimitedIneligible08/10/2018
W.R. Berkley Insurance (Europe), LimitedIneligible08/10/2018
The Standard Club UK Ltd.The Standard Club Europe Ltd.Name Change08/10/2018
Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SELiberty Mutual Insurance Europe LimitedName Change08/10/2018
Chubb European Group SEChubb European Group LimitedName Change08/15/2018
Berkley Specialty Insurance CompanyBerkley Regional Specialty Insurance CompanyName Change08/06/2018
Argo Re, Ltd.Eligible10/01/2018Alien Insurer
Aviva Insurance LimitedEligible10/01/2018Alien Insurer
Ategrity Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible11/15/2018Foreign Insurer
Homesite Insurance Company of FloridaEligible11/26/2018Foreign Insurer
Nutmeg Insurance CompanyIneligible11/30/2018
Norfolk and Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance CompanyEligible12/06/2018Foreign Insurer
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of AmericaEligible12/20/2018Foreign Insurer
Houston Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible12/31/2018Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer
InsurerPreviousChange TypeEffective DateNotes
White Pine Insurance Company
White Pine is ineligible to write surplus lines business in Texas
American Colonial Insurance Company
Non-surviving entity is ineligible
Merger03/29/2017American Colonial merged with/into White Pine
Evanston Insurance CompanyAssociated International Insurance Company
Non-surviving entity is ineligible
Merger02/06/2017Associated International merged with/into Evanston
Independent Specialty Insurance CompanyFireman’s Fund Insurance Company of OhioName Change01/30/2017
Independent Specialty Insurance CompanyDomicile01/30/2017Re-domesticated from Ohio to Delaware
Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 2988Eligible01/01/2017Alien Insurer
Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 5886Eligible01/01/2017Alien Insurer
W. R. Berkley Europe A.G.Eligible01/01/2017Alien Insurer
AmTrust International Underwriters, DACAmTrust International Underwriters, LTDName Change01/01/2017
StarStone Insurance SEStarStone Insurance PLCName Change01/01/2017
Great Lakes Insurance SEGreat Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SEName Change01/01/2017
HDI Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible08/01/2017Foreign Insurer
Chubb European Group LimitedAce European Group LimitedName Change07/01/2017
Hartford Financial Products International LimitedIneligible07/01/2017
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1400Ineligible07/01/2017
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 2000Ineligible07/01/2017
Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) LimitedIneligible07/01/2017
Founders Insurance CompanyIneligible04/18/2017
Housing Specialty Insurance Company, Inc.Eligible11/28/2017Foreign Insurer
InsurerPreviousChange TypeEffective DateNotes
Fidelis Insurance Bermuda LimitedEligible01/01/2016Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 2786Eligible01/01/2016Alien Insurer
StarStone insurance LimitedTorus Insurance (UK) LimitedName Change01/01/2016
Watford Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible01/01/2016Foreign Insurer
Evanston Insurance CompanyAlterra Excess & Surplus Insurance Company
Non-surviving entity is ineligible
Merger02/01/2016Alterra merged with/into Evanston
Clear Blue Specialty Insurance CompanyMaiden Specialty Insurance CompanyName Change03/30/2016
Burlington Insurance Company, TheDomicile03/09/2016Re-domesticated from North Carolina to Illinois
Clarendon America Insurance CompanyIneligible04/15/2016
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1492Eligible04/01/2016Alien Insurer
Montpelier Reinsurance LimitedIneligible04/01/2016
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company LimitedIneligible04/01/2016
NORCAL Specialty Insurance CompanyPMSLIC Insurance CompanyName Change04/26/2016
Safety Specialty Insurance CompanySparta Specialty Insurance CompanyName Change04/08/2016
StarStone Insurance PLCStarStone Insurance LimitedName Change04/01/2016
CM Vantage Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible05/01/2016Foreign Insurer
Mount Vernon Specialty Insurance CompanyDomicile05/10/2016Re-domesticated from Pennsylvania to Nebraska
Evanston Insurance CompanyEssex Insurance Company
Non-surviving entity is ineligible
Merger07/01/2016Essex merged with/into Evanston
Fidelis Underwriting LimitedEligible07/01/2016Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 2243Eligible07/01/2016Alien Insurer
TIG Insurance Company
TIG is ineligible to write surplus lines business in Texas
American Safety Indemnity Company
Non-surviving entity is ineligible
Merger09/19/2016American Safety merged with/into TIG
ISMIE Indemnity CompanyEligible09/01/2016Foreign Insurer
Golden Bear Insurance CompanyEligible10/27/2016Foreign Insurer
Hanover Atlantic Insurance Company, Ltd., TheEligible10/01/2016Alien Insurer
Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company in Liechtenstein Ltd.Eligible10/01/2016Alien Insurer
Ironshore Europe DACIronshore Europe LtdName Change10/01/2016
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1856Eligible10/01/2016Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 2357Eligible10/01/2016Alien Insurer
PartnerRe Ireland Insurance DACPartnerRe Ireland Insurance LimitedName Change10/01/2016
Renaissancere Specialty Risks LtdIneligible10/01/2016
InsurerPreviousChange TypeEffective DateNotes
Catalina London LimitedEligible01/01/2015Alien Insurer
Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance CompanyDomicile01/19/2015Re-domesticated from New Jersey to Delaware
Seneca Specialty Insurance CompanyDomicile01/12/2015Re-domesticated from New York to Delaware
Scottsdale Surplus Lines Insurance CompanyEligible01/01/2015Foreign Insurer
Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association LimitedEligible01/01/2015Alien Insurer
Tokio Marine Kiln Insurance LimitedTokio Marine Europe Insurance LimitedName Change01/01/2015
Bracken Hill Specialty Insurance Company Inc.Ineligible02/04/2015
Hamilton Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible02/01/2015Foreign Insurer
Peleus Insurance CompanyColony National Insurance CompanyName Change03/04/2015
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 1884Eligible04/01/2015Alien Insurer
Lloyd's of London Syndicate 2088Eligible04/01/2015Alien Insurer
Newport Insurance CompanyIneligible04/13/2015
Blue Hill Specialty Insurance Company Inc.Eligible06/01/2015Foreign Insurer
Coverys Specialty Insurance CompanyEligible06/01/2015Foreign Insurer
Markel International Insurance Company LimitedEligible06/04/2015Alien Insurer
Rockingham Casualty CompanyEligible06/01/2015Foreign Insurer
Hartford Financial Products International LimitedEligible07/01/2015Alien Insurer