SLTX Recognizes Agencies for No Late Filings in 2022

Apr 4, 2023 | eNews

2022 was a successful year for the non-admitted marketplace as 705,384 policies and 1,068,709 total transactions were reported to SLTX by 998 agents!

Of agencies filing 10K and above filings, 8 held no late filings (demonstrated below alphabetically) :

  • B & W Insurance Group, L.P.
  • Rhino New York, LLC
  • Seacoast Brokers Of Texas, LLC
  • Specialty Insurance Managers, Inc
  • U.S. Risk, LLC
  • Wellington Risk Insurance Agency, Inc
  • Worldwide Facilities, LLC
  • XPT Partners LLC

From all of us here at SLTX, we say, “Great Job!” and we appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to ensure all policies are filed timely.