Required Policy Limit Data

Jan 18, 2019 | Archive News

Despite the short timeframe in which new rule requirements took effect, surplus lines agents are required to comply with the law. In accordance with new rules promulgated by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), surplus lines policies effective on or after 12/30/2018 must now include policy limits (28 TAC ยง15.106(b)(3)).

SLTX has created a file upload portal where online filers may upload policy limit data. There are two submission methods available:

  1. Excel (preferred)
    • Download the SLTX-created Excel template SLTX
    • Input correct information
    • Upload completed template through the file upload portal. Please include the Surplus Lines TDI License Number in the file name.
  2. Declarations page and/or specific supplemental pages that denote limits
    • Submit in a PDF format through the file upload portal

This requirement applies to all new and renewal policies on or after 12/30/2018. Agents should report the policy limit data at the same time as policy filings, as the omission is subject to the same 60-day late filing deadlines.

SLTX is currently updating its online filing system to capture this information. In the interim, policy limit data must be submitted through the file upload portal on the SLTX website.

As the online filing system is adjusted, SLTX will provide more information. Please contact SLTX with any questions by phone at (800) 681-5848 or online.