Registration of Non-Resident Surplus Lines Agency Branch Offices

Aug 1, 2008 | Archive News

To comply with provisions of Section 19.902 of the Texas Administrative Code, surplus lines agents must register additional business locations (branch offices) with the Texas Department of Insurance. At each branch doing the business of surplus lines insurance in Texas, there must be at least one person holding an individual Texas surplus lines agent license.

Recently we have learned that some non-resident agencies are experiencing problems when attempting to register their branch offices with TDI. Normally the Agent Licensing Division at TDI will not register branch offices unless they are located in Texas. However, the Company Licensing and Registration Division informs us they are requesting the non-resident surplus lines agency branch office to be registered with TDI, if the branch writes surplus lines business in Texas.

TDI form LHL203: LDTL Registration of Assumed Name and/or Office Location or Official Name Change of Corporation or Partnership is used to register branch offices. To facilitate registration of branches by non-resident surplus lines agencies, use this form, but include a cover memo emphasizing “at the request of TDI Company Licensing and Registration, non-Texas branch offices are being registered for surplus lines purposes.”

When completing Item 5 on the form, override or mark through “Texas” and enter the appropriate state name. Completed forms must be mailed to the address indicated on the form, along with the $50.00 registration fee made payable to the Texas Department of Insurance, to avoid rejection.