Aon Releases 2019 Cyber Security Risk Report

Feb 20, 2019 | Archive News

Aon plc has published its 2019 Cyber Security Risk Report, which details the biggest cyber security threats and challenges that businesses are currently facing.

Eight risks are detailed in the report, each pointing to the fact that companies become more vulnerable to attack as they embrace technology. The risks examined are technology, supply chain, internet of things (IoT), business operations, employees, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory, and board of directors.

“As digital transformation advances, companies are accelerating the migration of data to the cloud, crafting new digital systems and increasing the number of endpoints,” Jason J. Hogg, CEO of Cyber Solutions at Aon, said in the report. “These advancements create an exponential increase in attack surface and an entirely new set of risks for organizations to manage against.”

In order to combat the constant risk of the cyber landscape, Aon notes that organizations must stay informed about the ever-changing cyber risk landscape. Businesses should be proactive, while staying prepared for a cyber attack.

The full report can be downloaded on Aon’s website.