Policy Limit Field Now Available in SLTX EFS

May 28, 2019 | Procedural Updates

Agents and brokers can now input policy limit information directly into SLTX’s Electronic Filing System (EFS). A new field has been added to the system to allow input of the highest aggregate limit on the policy, where only one number is required. The field is available for all new and renewal policies, binders, premium bearing endorsements, and updates.

Under Title 28 of the Texas Administrative Code §15.106, all surplus lines policy effective on or after 12/30/2018 must include limits. Agents and brokers who have previously submitted policy limits through the SLTX policy upload portal or by mail are not expected to input this information again. Limits received by SLTX through the policy limit upload portal should be reflected in EFS over the next two weeks.

This solution has been offered as a way to collect the required data but is subject to change upon further feedback and testing. Agents and brokers are encouraged to use the new field available through EFS, though the policy limit upload portal on the SLTX website will remain available at the present time.

For those who file policies programmatically, the SLTX Programmer’s Technical Reference Guide has been updated to reflect the new field. Additionally, the SLTX Agent/User Guide has also been revised. These guides are available within the EFS portal under the Help section, Documentation tab. They are also available on the SLTX website, on the System Setup page.

SLTX would like to thank the agents and brokers who have submitted policy limits through the online upload portal. Those not yet in compliance are reminded that this regulation stands for all policies effective on or after 12/30/2018.

If you are unable to comply with this requirement or need additional assistance, please contact the SLTX Tech Support team by phone at (512) 531-1880 or (800) 681-5848 or by email.