Gov. Abbott Releases Hurricane Harvey Report

Dec 18, 2018 | Historic Bulletins

Texas Governor Greg Abbot recently announced a report by the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas that examined Hurricane Harvey and Texas’s disaster response.

The 177-page report, titled “Eye of the Storm,” includes recommendations regarding appropriating funds, clarifying procedures for emergency response teams, and keeping the public informed, among others. It states that Hurricane Harvey set the record for the highest tropical cyclone rainfall event ever recorded, at 60.58 inches. It caused an estimated $125 billion in damage, making it the second most-costly natural disaster in US history.

While detailing the path and history of Harvey, the report also chronicles personal stories from those affected by the disaster. Information is included on the state’s response and recovery efforts, and the report concludes with steps that can be taken to build a more resilient Texas for the future.

The full report can be viewed online.