2015 License Renewal Changes from SB 876

Nov 18, 2015 | Historic Bulletins

September 1, 2015 Renewals

Senate Bill 876 which passed during the most recent Texas legislative session, reduces the required credit hours for continuing education (CE) for agent and adjuster license renewals to 24 hours and removes the requirement that half of the hours must be taken each year. This change was effective for all licenses issued or renewing on or after September 1, 2015.

Licenses expiring before September 1, 2015, licensee will have to complete 30 hours of CE. Also, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) will no longer renew a license if there is any deficiency in CE credit, either from the most recent renewal period or a prior renewal period.

November 1, 2015 Renewals

For all licenses issued or renewing on and after November 1, 2015, completion of the 24 hours of CE credit is required. If a licensee does not complete the 24 hours of CE before the expiration date of the license, the licensee will have 90 days to complete the deficient number of hours and pay a fine of $50 per deficient hour. If these two conditions are not met within 90 days of the license expiring, the license will be inactivated, and the licensee will have to apply for a new license. A new license will not be granted until the deficient CE hours are completed and the fine is paid.

CE Verification

License holders are encouraged to verify that all Texas CE credit is current and has been posted to their TDI Sircon CE transcript. Transcripts can be viewed at https://www.sircon.com/Texas by clicking on “Look up Education Courses/Credits” in the left-hand menu and then clicking on “Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry.”