Commissioner Sullivan Details TDI Modernization Efforts

Oct 30, 2019 | eNews

When Insurance Commissioner Kent Sullivan joined the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) in October of 2017, he began a review of the organization’s processes and implemented a set of initiatives to modernize and improve the organization’s services.

As part of a best practices review, Sullivan updated the TDI organizational structure, which included appointing Doug Slape as second-in-command, and created a streamlined rule development process. Additionally, the agency standardized templates used after weather disasters, addressed and improved its complaint process, and invested in staff training.

In modernizing the agency, TDI implemented technology upgrades to improve the licensing process, reduce call center wait times, and enhance data analysis using Tableau. It also began a pilot program earlier this year to test if artificial intelligence can help TDI staff review industry form and rate filings by searching for previously approved text and new passages.

The commissioner’s plain language campaign centers on making information easier to read and understand, whether it’s in writing or by phone. TDI has redesigned its website to include clearer language, larger type, enhanced organization, and improved mobile accessibility. In addition, TDI is cutting out jargon and reviewing letters and forms for ease of understanding.

Overall, the commissioner notes that TDI has streamlined its procedures and is able to assist customers faster now. Additionally, he said that more changes are coming to continue improving the agency for Texas’s benefit. More information on the initiatives and the commissioner’s projects is available on the TDI website.